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Can the bathtub be installed with the shower

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Many people are often entangled in the bathroom before decoration bathtub or shower room, in fact, there is no need to be so indecisive, this article will be from the "bathtub and shower installed together" point of view, expand your thinking, let you get rid of the choice difficulty before decoration.


1. Can the bathtub and shower be installed together? The answer is yes

The area size of toilet is the rigid condition that decides whether bathtub and shower can be installed together. If the bathtub is to be installed in the ordinary toilet, the area is at least about 7 square meters, because the size of the ordinary bathtub is generally 1.7m * 0.8m. Therefore, when the toilet area is enough to install the bathtub, the bathtub and shower can be combined into one. Generally, it only needs to install the shower nozzle above the bathtub. This design can meet the two different bathing needs of family members at the same time, which can not only let young people take a bath in their spare time, but also take care of the elderly at home and enjoy hip bath safely.

2. Can the bathtub and shower be installed together

As mentioned before, the answer is no, of course, the bathroom area is unable to install a bathtub, so we have to choose an independent shower. There are gains and losses. The two in one model is not always good. Facts have proved that the practicability of bathtubs is not very strong, because bathtubs require a high amount of water, which is a waste of water when bathing. Moreover, the cleaning of bathtubs is cumbersome, so they should be cleaned carefully after each use, otherwise it is easy to hide dirt. Most importantly, countless people reported that they really seldom use bathtubs in their daily life.

The above is about the bathtub and shower can be installed together with the answer to the question. If you can install a bathtub in your bathroom, you can use the bathtub + Shower design. If you can't install a bathtub, simply install a shower.

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